Monday, January 2, 2012

Rae of Hope

You know how I love a good YA paranormal book! This one did not disappoint. "Rae of Hope," by W.J. May is a story of a young girl whose parents died when she was a little girl. As a teenager she is sent to a boarding school in England where she finds all of the students have special powers and tattoos that show up the night of their sixteenth birthday. Rae discovers not only her powers, but also the history of her parents and finds that she has an original tattoo and powers that are unlike any other.

Of course, the story is not terribly original. There have been books written that are similar, but the writing style was gripping and the story and characters sucked me right in! I could not put this book down. There is a lot going on in this story. We have a lot of characters to meet, as well as the different powers that they have. There are going to be romantic plots and twists. As well as a little mystery.

The book was reminiscent to Harry Potter, but more for the YA set. Not as much detail about the school itself, as the Hogwarts books, which moved the story along quickly. But I loved that everyone had different powers and that everyone was just getting to know what these powers were and how to use them.

Rae's roommate was quirky and fun. Her love interest was the perfect boy, of course. And Guilder, the school, was a place that any teenager would be happy to attend.

With the magic and mystery that this book provides, it is a must-read for fans of YA paranormal romance!

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