Monday, January 2, 2012

Natural Reaction

The sixth in the Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery series, "Natural Reaction," by Terri Reid picks up where the fifth book left off. Mary had just been through a horrible kidnapping and experienced, through hypnotism, everything a woman who had been previously kidnapped had endured.

I love these stories. My only complaint is that they are not long enough. But Reid is great about writing and publishing her books regularly, so I never have to wait too long for the next installment. My love of the paranormal is always fed when I get to read what happens next in the life of Mary O'Reilly who is an ex-cop who can see and talk to ghosts. I love that she helps the ghosts to move on to their next life after resolving any unfinished business in this life.

This story revolves around a chemistry teacher who was killed in an explosion caused by an experiment gone wrong many years ago. Or was it? There has to be a twist, right? Was the chemistry teacher murdered. and if so, why?

These questions are answered in this great story as well as the furthering of Mary's personal life with the police chief. Questions are answered about his past as well. If you are not familiar with Mary O'Reilly, it is time to get to Amazon and download her first book for a very reasonable price for your Kindle!

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