Monday, January 2, 2012

A Marked Past

"A Marked Past," Mercer Legacy Book 1 by Leslie Deaton is a great story of witches and modern day Salem. Lyla Mercer's life changed the day her dad dies. Her mom takes her from her comfortable home in Chicago to an old historical family house in Salem, Mass.  It is when she moves to Salem that Lyla finds her true roots and that she is part of a legacy dating back hundreds of years.

Lyla Mercer is a witch. She finds her powers are unlocked when she moves into the family home and talks to her uncle who insists that the death of Lyla's father was not an accident. He was murdered. It is up to Lyla and her cousins to stop this man who has killed numerous members of her family over the span of hundreds of years, from killing the rest of the Mercer Clan.

The story was fun, and unpredictable. I did find it a little manipulative to read in the beginning. I was not excited about the first two chapters. I thought the book was going to be sappy and sentimental, but I am glad I hung in there and continued to read because it got a lot better! I loved the plot and story line. The end did leave me hanging! What a cliff hanger! But I just can't wait for the next installment.

I am a sucker for anything witchy that takes place in Salem. And this book was one that was perfect for a quick read. I am really excited to see what Deaton will bring us next!

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